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Called to Common Mission (CCM), the ecumenical agreement between the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and the Episcopal Church in the USA, is arguably the greatest act of deception ever cultivated by an ecclesial denomination in the history of North America.

CCM has been crafted with misinformation, half-truths, and invented history. Armed with its array of subtle and intricate fallacies, CCM has misled a large number of ELCA Lutherans to believe much nonsense.

For example, CCM paragraph 11 implies that the Lutheran Reformers were "episcopalians" and that the Lutheran Confessions clearly state the Reformers' deep desire to have an Episcopalian- or Anglican-style church. Curiously, most non-ELCA Lutherans around the world have failed to recognize this supposed element of the Lutheran Reformation.

Similarly, nearly all Americans know that the Pilgrim Fathers (and mothers and children) came to the New World on the Mayflower in order to escape the religious intolerance of English episcopalianism. Now, CCM contends that God wants the ELCA to place this same religious intolerance at the heart of the ELCA's ordained ministry. Furthermore, the members of the ELCA are expected to laud this mandatory "gift" with great thanksgiving.

Martin Luther rejected deception of any form in the church. As Luther makes clear, even one lie will turn a church into something contrary to Christ.

The Latin word verax means "speaking truthfully" or "to proclaim the truth." CCM Verax has one purpose and goal. CCM Verax seeks to speak the truth about Called to Common Mission, and the truth is that CCM is an act of grand deception.

For many ELCA Lutherans, the truth regarding CCM will be too unthinkable and thus too painful to believe. Despite this, please, explore this web site. Learn more about the grand deception of CCM. Read how invented history has misled the membership of the ELCA. See which ELCA leaders are accomplice to this deception. Refresh your knowledge of Luther's thought and of the essence of being Lutheran. Find out how you can help advance the work of CCM Verax.

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