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Proposed Menacher-Hanson
Public Debate
at 2003 LWF Assembly

In September 2001, CCM Verax began its mission to expose the ecumenical "grand deception" in Called to Common Mission (CCM), the full communion agreement between the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and the Episcopal Church USA. The passage of CCM was knowingly achieved with misleading and false information. This matter has been raised with top leaders in the ELCA. These leaders refuse to address the matter. Meanwhile, international support for CCM Verax is growing, and other Lutheran World leaders renounce the "CCM grand deception."


ELCA Presiding Bishop, Mark S. Hanson, is aware of the "grand deception" in CCM but is refusing to address the matter. In a letter from 26 March 2003, Dr. Mark D. Menacher, CCM Verax Administrator, challenged Bishop Hanson to a public debate on CCM to take place at the 10th Assembly of the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) in July 2003 in Winnipeg, Canada. A public debate in classic Lutheran style would allow Bishop Hanson to explain his failure to respond to this serious matter and to defend his participation in CCM.

  • Text of the CCM Verax letter from 26 March 2003 to ELCA Presiding Bishop Hanson (View in English or View in German)

  • Text of Bishop Hanson’s response to CCM Verax from 06 May 2003 (English

  • Text of the CCM Verax reply to Bishop Hanson from 15 may 2003 (English only)

  • Text of CCM Verax appeal from 16 May 2003 issued in English and German
    to top Lutheran World Federation church leaders asking them on behalf of
    ELCA Presiding Bishop Hanson to arrange the proposed "Mitergate" debate
    at the Tenth LWF Assembly in July 2003.

As administrator of CCM Verax, Dr. Menacher asks for your support so that this debate will happen. At stake is the truth of the gospel and those truths congruent with the gospel upon which the Lutheran Reformation was built and continues to live.

Please contact these gentlemen to communicate your support for the proposed Menacher - Hanson LWF Assembly Debate. Please keep copies of your correspondence.

Dr. Ishmael Noko
General Secretary
Lutheran World Federation
150, route de Ferney
P.O. Box 2100
CH-1211 Geneva 2
Fax: +41-22-791 66 30

Bishop emeritus Dr. Christian Krause
President - Lutheran World Federation
150, route de Ferney
P.O. Box 2100
CH-1211 Geneva 2
Fax: +41-22-791 66 30

Rev. Mark S. Hanson
Presiding Bishop
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
8765 West Higgins Road
Chicago, IL 60631
Fax: +1-773-380-1465

If possible, also send a copy of your correspondence to CCM Verax.

Pastor Mark D. Menacher
CCM Verax Administrator
P.O. Box 26
Au Gres, MI 48703-0026

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